I think I’m learning Japanese I really think I might be not actually

I’m learning Japanese or 日本語 as the cool kids call it…

but when I say that, I’m really doing the cut and paste, drag and drop, recognise the length of the phrase and link that to the English phrase duolingo wants to be happy.
I can ohiyo and konichiwa a little bit, even arigato gojimas sometimes and I know a ねこ from a いぬ but that’s about it.
So good morning Cat San, and thank you very much indeed Mr Dog.

I wish I knew why I’d started doing this.
I had a *mild* aspiration to visit Japan since it’s pretty and you can do a snowboarding there and possibly doing this might make that more of a probability.
I did buy a ridiculous car with labels on it that look like this:

And I have been watching some lovely things like studio Ghibli, Your Name, and complete pish like Initial D.
But there’s certainly be no solid *reason* to do this.

Oh well, I’m 35 days into the process and will see where it leads me. (so it wasn’t even a new years resolution)

Oh, also I’m blogging again, let me know if you’re reading again.

My connection sucks

I live in Acton W3 London and have the (mis)fortune to have virgin media as my internet provider.
I’m on the 10M cable service.
It’s well known that I’ve previously worked for Zen Internet who I would still heartily recommend as an ADSL provider, but when I moved into my flat I didn’t anticipate remaining for over a year, and had no need for a phone line (I still have no need for one). After a protracted (nearly 30 mins) total cost of ownership assessment I forked out for the cable service from virgin media.

Being a sysadmin, I graph stuff. Here’s a graph of me to the BBC.

My connection sucks
My connection sucks

As you can see, for 50% of every single day, my connection turns to latency laden packet deprived crap.

I’ve no real idea why I’m posting this information here, other than to add another tiny little note to those of the other hoards of dissatisfied customers. I should change providers.

Trinity College London – ATCL

Hello blog people,

The culmination of my course at Drum Tech has been two sets of exams. The usual series that mark the end of semester 3 (why do we still call them semesters when there are more than two?!) which count towards my Tech Music Schools course; but also a gruelling day in which two representatives of the Trinity College came to assess several aspects of my musical knowledge.

Skipping to the abrupt end of the saga, I passed the Drum Tech Master Performance Course, and I passed the Trinity ATCL. I actually got a distinction with 89% in my written materials for the ATCL, but sadly didn’t quite make the same impact with the rest of the exam and missed out on a distinction across the whole board. I’m quite proud of myself.

So that’s it, school’s done, what’s next?

Time of Eternity – King Charles Band – Video Shoot

I have seen it.

And it is good.

I’m not sure how ‘released’ it is at this stage, but I’ve had the opportunity to see the video for ‘Time of Eternity’ which is due to be released as a single by King Charles Band .

It’s surreal to see myself and the people I’ve been working with committed to film, but it’s a really well made video and is looking pretty damn good.

I’ll have to check what the rules on distribution are, but if possible I’ll get a copy of it on this site as soon as I can.

How fun?!

Time of Eternity – King Charles Band – Radio One

EDIT: The video is finished, you can see it HERE

I missed it because I’ve been away on holiday in (partly) sunny Cornwall, but King Charles Band had the single ‘Time of Eternity’ played on Radio one again; this time not by Zane Lowe, but by Huw Stephens.

I’ve not heard any more about the video to go with the single, but I’m still eagerly awaiting it.

Well done, Charles!


I’m gearing up for a video shoot tomorrow. King Charles Band are creating a visual masterpiece to go with the single they plan to release in the near future. There’s an EP release planned for 07.05.09 and the promo work is well underway.

I’ve been sent all the info for the shoot, interrogated for my vital statistics and instructed in what kind of look the shoot is aiming for. With fear and trepidation I’ve been reading through the paperwork that goes along with any undertaking of this nature till I came across one little gem in the equipment list; they have booked:



Can’t wait to see a) how it turns out and b) whether the camera will eat my soul or not.

Find a Fiend.

I’ve been working hard at a couple of auditions and, after a grueling three week process, have been given the drumming seat for ‘Find a Fiend‘. I’m really excited about this, it promises to offer some great live shows with some great music.

To quote from the band’s myspace page:

Find a Fiend was born as Eduardo Carrasco’s solo project. The necessity to shape various songs of his authorship in an album made him consider his ex partner in the dissolved band Sinestesia, Pepe Lastarria, as the producer. The long time friendship and his independent experience in the same position (Rama, Drogatones, Humana, Aeroplano, among others) were key factors in the choosing of the sound sculptor. An album that wasn’t quite exempt from complications and creative twists but that finally saw the light in August 2008. A record of a creative and learning process for both of them that culminates in 10 independently produced tracks, under the wing of “La Somba Records” and represented visually by Chris Leskovsek from “Nada Means Nothing” (Octopus, The Datsuns, Reel Big Fish, Poison the Well, Divina, among others).

Eduardo has been putting together a band to perform and promote this album, and hopefully to work on some new material for the live show, and maybe take into the studio again.

Keep your eyes peeled for gigs being announced!