Purple Turtle show, playing with Indigo Down.

Last time I went to the Purple Turtle to see a show, I was not working as a musician and was there as a deeply jealous but zealous fan of Indigo Down.
This time I got to go as a musician surrounded by friends, sharing the evening with an awesome band which was a pretty epic experience.

We started loading in at 5, I was the first Künst there, but hotly followed by Scarlette who plays bass and Danni turned up not too long after.
Jam, our awesome but alarm clock blighted guitarist wasn’t to turn up till about 7 minutes before stage time, but amazingly she got in, rigged, dressed and made up to hit the stage with the rest of us 9pm sharp.

I’d been looking forward to this show for a while, for the self aggrandising reasons that the Purple Turtle has a stage, a front of house system and musican foldback and a decent lighting rig. We got a backstage room which actually fit all 4 of in it every so briefly and there’s a toilet backstage. And there are secret passages and air conditioning trunking, and store rooms and it’s like being a kid exploring a secret space which is actually just the other side of a hedge from a main road but it might as well be another country to your mind. It’s great. I love it.

We punched out 9 songs if memory serves correctly, and the girls who didn’t get to sit down did a great job of using the whole stage volume and taking time to wander over and chat to the poor drummer hemmed in by an array of metal work. I screwed up my fingers with slightly over vigerous smashing of stuff, which is something I need to sort out, we’re doing a lot of shows now and I should be playing more technically than I am doing. Ah well, it’s nice to have things to work on.

We’re chewing through the video footage and should have some online very soon.

Video Shoot – King Charles Band – MI7 Records

EDIT: The video is finished, you can see it HERE

Saturday was a rather long, but interesting day for me. King Charles asked me to ‘play’ for the video for the upcoming single ‘Time of Eternity’.

The track is already recorded, so there’s no actual audio involved but plenty of miming whilst covered in ill fitting clothing and enough makeup to cause a couple of really nice spots. I think I have a couple more sessions of deep cleansing yet to get the last traces of foundation out of my tear ducts.

The call sheet asked for the star of the day to be on set at 8am and the rest of the impromptu band to be ready at 11am but as it transpired filming didn’t get underway till about midday, and the band were ‘shot’ around 5pm. We were well fed though whilst we waited.

The set was stunning and the hair/makeup team did a great job forming disparate people into a homogenous image to match the aims of the story board.

The direction was great, and the studio team did a good job of getting the material they needed to complete the video, but as always totally out of sequence, which meant we were left wondering what was going on with the plot half the time.

As soon as the video is released, I’ll link to it, or get a copy of it here.

All this said, it’s just a load of waffle about my day sitting in mainly dark rooms waiting, but I do have a couple of pictures from the day, just camera phone pics but still, here you go:

King Charles: Enthroned.

King Charles, enthroned.

They backcombed my HAIR!!! (it’s deliberately messy; promise)

Caitlin, made up with CRAZY hair.


I’m gearing up for a video shoot tomorrow. King Charles Band are creating a visual masterpiece to go with the single they plan to release in the near future. There’s an EP release planned for 07.05.09 and the promo work is well underway.

I’ve been sent all the info for the shoot, interrogated for my vital statistics and instructed in what kind of look the shoot is aiming for. With fear and trepidation I’ve been reading through the paperwork that goes along with any undertaking of this nature till I came across one little gem in the equipment list; they have booked:



Can’t wait to see a) how it turns out and b) whether the camera will eat my soul or not.

Find a Fiend.

I’ve been working hard at a couple of auditions and, after a grueling three week process, have been given the drumming seat for ‘Find a Fiend‘. I’m really excited about this, it promises to offer some great live shows with some great music.

To quote from the band’s myspace page:

Find a Fiend was born as Eduardo Carrasco’s solo project. The necessity to shape various songs of his authorship in an album made him consider his ex partner in the dissolved band Sinestesia, Pepe Lastarria, as the producer. The long time friendship and his independent experience in the same position (Rama, Drogatones, Humana, Aeroplano, among others) were key factors in the choosing of the sound sculptor. An album that wasn’t quite exempt from complications and creative twists but that finally saw the light in August 2008. A record of a creative and learning process for both of them that culminates in 10 independently produced tracks, under the wing of “La Somba Records” and represented visually by Chris Leskovsek from “Nada Means Nothing” (Octopus, The Datsuns, Reel Big Fish, Poison the Well, Divina, among others).

Eduardo has been putting together a band to perform and promote this album, and hopefully to work on some new material for the live show, and maybe take into the studio again.

Keep your eyes peeled for gigs being announced!