Find a Fiend.

I’ve been working hard at a couple of auditions and, after a grueling three week process, have been given the drumming seat for ‘Find a Fiend‘. I’m really excited about this, it promises to offer some great live shows with some great music.

To quote from the band’s myspace page:

Find a Fiend was born as Eduardo Carrasco’s solo project. The necessity to shape various songs of his authorship in an album made him consider his ex partner in the dissolved band Sinestesia, Pepe Lastarria, as the producer. The long time friendship and his independent experience in the same position (Rama, Drogatones, Humana, Aeroplano, among others) were key factors in the choosing of the sound sculptor. An album that wasn’t quite exempt from complications and creative twists but that finally saw the light in August 2008. A record of a creative and learning process for both of them that culminates in 10 independently produced tracks, under the wing of “La Somba Records” and represented visually by Chris Leskovsek from “Nada Means Nothing” (Octopus, The Datsuns, Reel Big Fish, Poison the Well, Divina, among others).

Eduardo has been putting together a band to perform and promote this album, and hopefully to work on some new material for the live show, and maybe take into the studio again.

Keep your eyes peeled for gigs being announced!