I have finished; I am again a graduand. Our graduation ceremony is on Sunday evening at the Shepherds Bush Empire with much glitz and glamour.

My final exam today was sight reading, in which I know I made one mistake. Possibly I made more, presumably I’ll find out from my final mark. I’m feeling a little despondent at this point, it’s an eerie period between the work having been done and the final grading being known.

I’m also not sure what the next step will be, I’ve done auditions and have my CV in several exciting places which should produce some exciting options, but all of it hangs in the balance, up in the air. There will be no resolutions for some time. I’m excited about all the possibilities and still have so much to absorb and improve from the study I’ve done over the last year. There’s plenty still to do!

I think I’ll have a cup of tea first though….

Audition nerves.

I’ve just got back from an audition. It’s been a little while since I’ve done any new music that I cared about. I’ve been working astonishingly hard at school on jazz independance, unable to play any jazz, simply learning the methodology and dexterity to *later* play some jazz. Both incredibly frustrating and rewarding, making progress does feel good even if the end is invisible round the corner.

Anyway, I had two songs to prepare for the audition, but since I’m a) a bit nuts and b) this is cool music, I tried to learn all of it; the whole album. I’m not sure when I’ll get feedback, the guys had other people to see after me and there may be more rounds of auditions even if I make shortlist. Plz wish me luck!