Hot Hot aliens.

It’s got hot, my lovely window seat at work has the midday sun shining directly through the single paned shoreditch glass. Heat kills computers, and tech workers. Boo.

Laurie ( sysop wonderman) rigged up the portable aircon unit, balanced on a box with the exhaust poking out of the window, which he subsequently overclocked with a standing fan poking in the inlet. A bit like a supercharger really.


Over on my side of the office I didn’t have the luxury of a box blasting cool sweet air at the back of my head, so I’ve gone for a different approach, I don’t expect much of the sun will be getting into the room on my side, nor any brain modulating space rays from aliens!

Yes, it's really tinfoil.
Yes, it's really tinfoil.


I’ve just got back in from showcase55 at the King’s Head pub in Acton. I do some promotional work for showcase55 connected with

One of the best nights of live music I’ve been to recently. I saw Spekki Chris there one night when I work working the sound desk and that was a magical night, but tonight was up there with that night.

The show stealer was Hannah White who has an amazing voice and a remarkable groove. She played effortlessly with wonderful control over her vocal phrasing and guitar picking. It was an accoustic set and she played along with a djembe player who also plays with Twisted Harmony I’d suggest checking her out if you can. Totally enjoyed! I’ll get some photos up on the event page as soon as poss. She’s on here, which could do with some details filling in.


For my sins, I’ve taken up a new hobby.

When I left Zen, the cruel staff clubbed together to give me a very thoughtful and vicious send off gift of a fully 3d capable model helicopter. It’s been over two years since that wonderful act, and I’ve only managed to hover that helicopter for a few seconds in the back yard at the flat between the scary scary unforgiving concrete walls.

A trip to the local flying field confirmed suspicions that the slightest breath of wind, from a seagull farting, or a dog burping, was enough to send the heli sprawling into a wonderful set of half controlled spirals ending up in the grass. No significant damage, but no grace.

I’ve since had a single lesson on a 600 sized IC helicopter which was a wicked experience, although an expensive one. I managed a few manouvres on that which I’ve not been able to on any other airframe and the flying bug is firmly nestled in my brain now. (A May bug, I suppose)

After some agonising I’ve treated myself to a Trex 450 electric helicopter which is well capable and suitable for outdoor flying. With the long summer evenings and glorious London weekends beckoning I’m rather excited.
A Trex 450