Achievements Unlocked:

Tonight, with fear in my heart and sweaty feet in my boots I went back to the freestyle at Hemel. Two weeks ago the box chewed me up, spat me out, bruised my arse and made me think twice about the whole sorry sport! I actually shed a little tear and went home an hour earlier than I should have. Grumpy grumpy grump grump.

Of course I then missed the next week of freestyle by procrastinating so long that it got booked out. It is of course now sliding into “the season” so everyone’s coming out of the woodwork and getting back into practise. Oopsie. I’ve booked the next week already so I’m sorted for that.

This week I did everything I could think of to prepare for an epic evening of hard work and fun. Filled up with calories early on, and lighter food later. Stretched lots. Rested well. Then I shot off into the EPIC traffic all the way up the M1 and got there almost LATE! I could hear them calling out for the course attendees whilst I had one leg in my trouser and the other with the velcro hanging off the knee pad. I scampered out with my boots not done up and managed to catch up with the group. After ten minutes and two terrifying runs down the slope I think I got everything done up, and tightened like it should be, not like it is if you do it in a horrible rush.

Anyway, what’s the goss?
Caitlin dun a 180 of a kicker, regular into the jump and switch out the other side. Well sketchy and a few too many 90s to call it nailed, but I’m claiming the one I *did*.
She also dun some mucking about on a rocker, which is a nice feeling. You go up a ramp to a plastic pipe on the top, pause for a moment and go back the way you came, just like a quarter pipe really.
50:50s on the box feel fine and never go wrong.
A little 5:0 snuck in one time.
The bestest most awesomest thing was riding switch into the box, boardsliding through into a regular rideout. That feels *GREAT*.

So, I’m back to adoring snowboarding with all the passion I had at the start, and The two week old washout was nowt more than a “bad day”. WRITTEN OFF.

Now to do some food. I’m ravenous.