Maverix Jibber Freestyle Practise Aid.

So, since I got like epically amazing at snowboarding the dome got a bit boring. There’s still loads for me to work on, technique, confidence, speed, switch etc; but without having expert guidance I’m not going to spend too long trying to tweak that stuff on my own. I’ll get to that when I start my BASI training (just waiting for enough pennies to show up to get booked on that).

So, to fill the time and excitement quota I started doing a bit of freestyle. It’s hard to get down to the Thursday sessions too often with the way my work hours stack up, and it’s not common that there are features out on the weekend for me to play with. But there have been the last couple of weekends which has been epic fun! The kicker and boxes are fine, but every time I’ve gone near a rail I’ve fallen over it and looked a bit daft.

So, how does one get better at freestyle without going near snow?

There are a load of core strength and balance type exercises that you can do to prep and get stronger, but they’re not tuning you in perfectly for what actions you need to perform when you’re actually riding. The best thing to do is strap on a board and get to feel what the tricks feel like. How do you do that without countless drop ins and lift passes at the slope 40 miles away?

Enter the Maverix jibber which you can use in your lounge!

Maverix Jibber

It’s the curved plastic guy you can see tucked next to my binding. It’s really robust plastic, and it sits neatly on your carpet with its legs down. By positioning your board next to it in various orientations, you can approximate different approaches to a pipe, pop up and try and hold a shape for just a second or so, then pop back off onto the carpet. It’s the same basic motions as if you were sliding down the length of it and after a few shaky starts (it can quickly let you know if you’re landing wrongly, by popping out from under your board) I’m getting pretty good at landing, balancing and getting back off. I’ll feel a lot more happy about looking at a rail next time I’m at the dome.

I could just use some aircon now, because it’s a bit clammy bouncing around indoors and I’m wearing shorts 😛

Maverix Jibber training aid: about £10 delivered in the UK
Great for getting your board buzz with the telly on without spending a fortune.