Yet more (bloody) snowboarding.

Yeh, it’s all I talk about, right? I do plan to get some music on the go at some point but there’s a little too much else going on right now. I’m moving house this month and I have some job interviews to have a go at.

I promised that if I passed my BASI, then I’d get stuck into some other things that will make me a better all round coach and certainly more employable on a mountain, so last wednesday this happened:
Oh help!
Which resulted in a blister on my right shin which still hurts now and a *strong* desire to buy a set of my own ski boots which are only like £250 🙁 gah.

I didn’t suck half as bad as I anticipated. I have skiied before. I’ve been round three valleys sulking my way down red runs with far too many snowplough turns, no clue and having no fun at all. So that means I’ve had a chance to get some terrible habits down.

We started out at “level 3” of the 6 level training course, but had a really quick run through level 2 as well just to make sure. First up, controlling speed and direction with pressure and rotation of the skis on the baby slope. A quick look at edging for traversing and a chat about speed control in turns and we scampered over to the main slope to have a go at parallel turns.

This is where it got a tiny bit sketchy, because I’ve got a nasty little habit of stepping through the last part of my turn if I feel a bit fast or a bit wobbly. So I’ve got that to work on. Happily I remembered how to skate on the skis so I can get around on the flat ok. That’s sort of fun but possibly what lead to the blister.

Long story short, I’ve been signed off as a rec level skier, so I can go on my own and practise. But I’ll be back in for another lesson as soon as I can. If I work really hard, I might be able to have a go at the teaching qualification this season.