For my sins, I’ve taken up a new hobby.

When I left Zen, the cruel staff clubbed together to give me a very thoughtful and vicious send off gift of a fully 3d capable model helicopter. It’s been over two years since that wonderful act, and I’ve only managed to hover that helicopter for a few seconds in the back yard at the flat between the scary scary unforgiving concrete walls.

A trip to the local flying field confirmed suspicions that the slightest breath of wind, from a seagull farting, or a dog burping, was enough to send the heli sprawling into a wonderful set of half controlled spirals ending up in the grass. No significant damage, but no grace.

I’ve since had a single lesson on a 600 sized IC helicopter which was a wicked experience, although an expensive one. I managed a few manouvres on that which I’ve not been able to on any other airframe and the flying bug is firmly nestled in my brain now. (A May bug, I suppose)

After some agonising I’ve treated myself to a Trex 450 electric helicopter which is well capable and suitable for outdoor flying. With the long summer evenings and glorious London weekends beckoning I’m rather excited.
A Trex 450

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