Being mostly about snowsports.

Short story is that I went on holiday, binned the rubbishy impossible to steer skis I started out with and stole a snowboard from the hire firm.

From that point, caitlin petty much wasn’t seen beyond some flurries of snow on corners.

I am deeply in love with this sport. I’m taking lessons and am epically headed for big airs, rail slides and daft hats. Very very happy about this.

Holidays to the snow from now on.

Here’s a couple of clips stuck together of my first two days boarding:
[flv: 480 360]

5 thoughts on “Being mostly about snowsports.”

  1. Even though the thought of sliding down a mountain at speed on waxy planks fills me with horror: yay, sounds excellent.

    Get your ass on t’Facebook so we can have more regular updates on your adventures.

  2. That video made me smile hugely. Yay you 🙂

    If you’re resistant to the charms(?) of Facebook – more blog updates! Feed my RSS reader, feeeeed it.

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