What goes up must come down…

…but if you grab and tweak in the air then you score more points from the judges.

We had a larger kicker this week than last week, which sadly there wasn’t the opportunity to video.
Last week’s was a rolled off kicker with a smooth top, to get air off it you had to ollie slightly before the crest. Much safer for those of us new to the things in that if you didn’t ollie you just rode over it and down the other side.
Today’s kicker was a bit more classic with an upramp, a blunt top, and a slight gap before the run out.
With a little more confidence than last week I was able to rip at it with a couple of chicken speed checks, but popping it fully.
The tricks I can sign off this week are:

  • Straight Air
  • Indy grab
  • Mute grab
  • The pride on this stuff keeps growing, I’m loving every single session.

    Also, I got my driving licence back. If you know of a midsized diesel engined car at the affordable end of the market becoming available, spare me a thought.

    One thought on “What goes up must come down…”

    1. ‘Get air’


      ‘Popping it’

      Get you! Excellent stuff.

      How’d you lose the license? Or is that a private thang? Gratz on getting it back, anyway.

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