Zomg zomg zomg.

So, I’ve… oh wait… SPOILIER: utterly boring snowboard content:

Yeh, so I’ve had a weirdly productive Sunday, hung over from last night’s exertions *all* over London; seriously we did Oxford Street, Soho Square, Trafalgar square, China Town, Camden, Southwark, pretty much the lot except Stratford.

I’ve booked onto my First Aid course, so I’ll be learning how to laugh at your broken leg properly on the 13th and 14th. (laughter lowers stress and releases endorphins, right? (oh, YOU want the endorphins? Sorry!))
The paperwork for my CRB still hasn’t shown up so I guess I’d better call those guys tomorrow.
I’ve booked my plane flights to Barcelona in January to meet the bus transfer over to Arinsal and having that done does start to make the trip seem a little more real. WOO; mini season!

So, no work in the morning since I’m unemployed but I can trundle up to Hemel and get some more hours on the shadow train.

Fun times.

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