Video Shoot – King Charles Band – MI7 Records

EDIT: The video is finished, you can see it HERE

Saturday was a rather long, but interesting day for me. King Charles asked me to ‘play’ for the video for the upcoming single ‘Time of Eternity’.

The track is already recorded, so there’s no actual audio involved but plenty of miming whilst covered in ill fitting clothing and enough makeup to cause a couple of really nice spots. I think I have a couple more sessions of deep cleansing yet to get the last traces of foundation out of my tear ducts.

The call sheet asked for the star of the day to be on set at 8am and the rest of the impromptu band to be ready at 11am but as it transpired filming didn’t get underway till about midday, and the band were ‘shot’ around 5pm. We were well fed though whilst we waited.

The set was stunning and the hair/makeup team did a great job forming disparate people into a homogenous image to match the aims of the story board.

The direction was great, and the studio team did a good job of getting the material they needed to complete the video, but as always totally out of sequence, which meant we were left wondering what was going on with the plot half the time.

As soon as the video is released, I’ll link to it, or get a copy of it here.

All this said, it’s just a load of waffle about my day sitting in mainly dark rooms waiting, but I do have a couple of pictures from the day, just camera phone pics but still, here you go:

King Charles: Enthroned.

King Charles, enthroned.

They backcombed my HAIR!!! (it’s deliberately messy; promise)

Caitlin, made up with CRAZY hair.

One thought on “Video Shoot – King Charles Band – MI7 Records”

  1. Coo, look at you. In a proper video and everything. Love the ‘English-Teacher-dragged-through-hedge-backwards’ look.

    Let us know when it’s up on the YouTube.

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