I think I’m learning Japanese I really think I might be not actually

I’m learning Japanese or 日本語 as the cool kids call it…

but when I say that, I’m really doing the cut and paste, drag and drop, recognise the length of the phrase and link that to the English phrase duolingo wants to be happy.
I can ohiyo and konichiwa a little bit, even arigato gojimas sometimes and I know a ねこ from a いぬ but that’s about it.
So good morning Cat San, and thank you very much indeed Mr Dog.

I wish I knew why I’d started doing this.
I had a *mild* aspiration to visit Japan since it’s pretty and you can do a snowboarding there and possibly doing this might make that more of a probability.
I did buy a ridiculous car with labels on it that look like this:

And I have been watching some lovely things like studio Ghibli, Your Name, and complete pish like Initial D.
But there’s certainly be no solid *reason* to do this.

Oh well, I’m 35 days into the process and will see where it leads me. (so it wasn’t even a new years resolution)

Oh, also I’m blogging again, let me know if you’re reading again.

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