So it looks like it was 2011 when I was living in London that the annoying thing happened.

I had been a regular customer of the shop when it used to actually sell things that were useful.
Having spent an appreciable chunk of my 1999 student loan on an Alesis DM5 and a dirt cheap practice drum kit, the store in question was actually where I got all the parts to hide transducers in the cheap kit and plug it into the dm-5 for my first ever electric drum kit, which oddly enough actually worked!

Those halcyon days behind me, I had a white macbook which had gone rather slow and grouchy in the cpu temp dept. I cracked the case late one night and pulled out the fluff packed fan and heat pipe arrangement, which included the bit that sucks the heat out of the processor.

When you crack that thermal joint, you obviously need to clean the surfaces and pop a new splodge of thermal paste on before you pop it back together and try to get another 5 years out of your laptop.

No worries, thought I; I’ll grab some paste during lunch tomorrow and have it back together in time to watch telly on it before my cup of tea has gone cold.

Clearly I got the thermal paste from an online marketplace of some kind, as 2mg of thermal paste contains alcohol so you can’t have it, even with a credit card, without photo ID; and I’ve never been back since.

Why am I talking about all this? I weakened. I’ve got a car ECU in its tin which needs programming to run my silly little open top car and I realised I’d need a usb extension cable for the serial adaptor and then I twigged I needed to get the serial port through 90 degrees because the adaptor can’t clear the case and plug into the port.

Needing these parts next day so I can punch the car in the digits tomorrow, I thought… just maybe…

No. They don’t even stock an rs232 that goes round a corner, and they wanted sixteen quid for a usb cable.

Nuff said, I’ve got both bits of plastic coated wire arriving in the post tomorrow for about a tenner delivered. So that toy shop can stay on the binned list

7 years, still counting.

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