Rotten old cars.

I’ve had, for a little over a year now, owned a shit ‘sports’ car. A ‘JDM’ Eunos Roadster, imported from Japan some time in its history. You lot would probably instinctively call it an MX5 and if it WAS, the insurance would be a lot cheaper.
I drove it around for about 10-15 minutes before realising it was filling up with water, much like everything else that I own. I think that’s my fault for living in Scotland, which as far as I can tell is as far below the water table as much of Holland.

Since then I’ve been upgrading the engine to forced induction with a turbo charger, and wondering if I can get rust out of it faster than rust grows.. obviously not. Dust to Dust etc. You can only ever borrow metals from the earth.

Web forums have been the main staple of information for figuring out which bolt to undo first, and which bits are worth buying and bolting on and I had been hanging around on a forum called, stylishly mx5nutz. That used to be a community run thing (well, one guy with a webserver) but at some point it got sold to some ad spammers who whilst they’re enabled it to keep being a resource for some time, recently ‘upgraded’ it in a ‘there’s no data left in it any more’ kind of way.
As a consequence many rattles^w hair brushes have been ejected from many tiny ladies’ cars and a solid bunch of people have moved themselves over to Mighty Fives which is a forum for MX5s, eunos roadster, general mazda, turbo, naturally aspirated and similar crap.

Anyway, it’s not got a good search engine presence so here’s a link to my build thread: I have a car I’m not allowed to drive \0/

Here’s a picture of it when I had the side window glass out of it…
A jolly eunos

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