‘REDRUM’ on the door?

MT has a certain drive in her achieve home improvements that I lack, but it often works out for the best.
This solar orbital period has seen a shed get built, a dishwasher become installed, and my music room take a significant step towards useful habitability.

It has sensibly painted walls and the crap boxed up to an extent where some shelving operatives might be able to attain access and build me some spendy but structurally sound shelving to put all the crap on, so it doesn’t need to sit on the floor ruining my creativity with shitty chi.

My drum area looks ostensibly similar to this:
a room for hitting stuff in, 90% percussion, 20% strings

I’ve been drumming for over 15 years, probably nearer 20 now, with hiatus a plenty and not as much time performing as I’d have liked.
Having had the opportunity to study drums full time for a year and get accredited by the Trinity College London, I’m not exactly shit at the old tubs, but by no means any kind of master of the craft.

I used to love the process of going through a workbook. My first teacher at high school had his own programme to work though and it was a solid joy to do a page a week whilst obviously sneaking a look and a bit of an attempt at the next page to get a head start.

I’ve been out of love with drums for a few years; since the dedicated study year, in fact. That was a hothouse environment and although the course content was of stunning value, the emotional baggage that was handed out along with it spoiled it somewhat.

I don’t perform with a group any more, am unsure if I want to again and that’s reset many of my targets. Gone is the frantic, exciting drive to get a set of songs ‘learned’ to a point where they can be performed and get paid, and then gradually improved to personal satisfaction. All that remains is to play for playings sake and for my own amusement.

*Finding* that amusement, the sense of joy from learning for myself, is a challenge. I’ve been working over the last few months to try and rekindle that spark and having this space come together is no small part of that. It’s *incredible* to have a clean environment in which to focus and some structured work to do.

I’ve placed an order for a couple of inspirational books about how to *think* about drumming, or performance in general and another one that I can’t remember the title of but it looked awesome at the time.

I took home a book the day I went to the drum store to chat about books which is Claus Hessler’s book
Daily Drumset Workout

Happily I’m on page *one* and struggling, so there are many gaps in my skills I can fill. Right foot independence is fine, right hand independence is workable, left hand independence is hilariously bad and foot splashing of a hi-hat has given me a bruise on the ball of my foot. Squee; learning is so *fun*

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