Being mostly about advancements in snowsports

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks between living in London and regular sojourns to Hemel Hempstead.

The passion with which I’ve fallen into snowsports can be demonstrated by my rising at 6:30am on occasion in order to reach the slope for the 10am start of a two hour lesson. It’s a 4 hour round trip to do this, but the body shattering enjoyment of the 2 hours is reward enough.

There are no more pictures or videos since the French trip because filming is verboten at the ski slope, however if I sign up for a freestyle course with one of the major local providers, they should be taping the sessions for feedback.

A lot’s changed since those videos just below this post, those first trepidation laden curves and bumps. In three short months I’ve got from my first slopes to riding my first freestyle obstacles. Today conquering the simple traversal of two different ‘boxes’, and making the best of two ‘kickers’. The boxes are hard objects that need sliding over, but have a square section which is harder to fall off than a rail. The kickers are exponential lifting ramps which eject you airwards. I can claim “air”, but not yet “big air”.

I’ve finished the ‘learning to snowboard’ series of lessons, covering stages 1-5 in a single session, and completing level 6 (the last level) on Wednesday past. I’m now ‘competent’ and can get to really learning what’s what and having a lot more fun.

My chosen board is a DC MLF 156:
DC MLF 156
and it fricking rocks.

Roll on winter! I need to ride a mountain now….

Being mostly about snowsports.

Short story is that I went on holiday, binned the rubbishy impossible to steer skis I started out with and stole a snowboard from the hire firm.

From that point, caitlin petty much wasn’t seen beyond some flurries of snow on corners.

I am deeply in love with this sport. I’m taking lessons and am epically headed for big airs, rail slides and daft hats. Very very happy about this.

Holidays to the snow from now on.

Here’s a couple of clips stuck together of my first two days boarding:
[flv: 480 360]